Friday, November 7, 2008

Steady Friday

I talked to Janis and she said the kids got off to the country with Grandma & Grandpa. Lily was feeling better. Abigail wasn't eating much when they got to Grandma's, so please pray she doesn't get the bug---or any of the other kids for that matter!
Janis said they had talked to the kidney and liver doctor. He's continuing the slow steady dialysis over the weekend. He said water was being flushed in the blood, but there was fluid in her tissue that needs to be flushed, but it will just take time. She's still a little jaundiced, but Luke told Janis she looked much better. Janis hadn't seen her in a few days. In fact, Janis said the jaundice really didn't bother her----she's had babies more jaundiced than that!
Emily was awake when they went in to see her and she looked at them. One nurse had told them the other day not to talk to Emily, but the others are encouraging them to talk. So they've decided to talk! The nurse told them that because Emily is on continuous dialysis, her medication is being flushed out of her system quicker. So they were waiting on new meds to come up for her. That's why she was awake.
Janis was encouraged by Debbie Jenkins, her son's mother-in-law. Debbie said she woke up this morning praying for Emily. Debbie is a nurse and she called Emily's nurses and began asking them questions. Debbie was concerned that Emily's heart was involved since her liver isn't functioning correctly....she thought maybe the heart was damaged when Emily "coded" that first night. But they said her heart was perfect. So that's great news!
Janis said that as she was putting Hannah & Noah to bed last night that Hannah began crying for her mother. She said it had been too long that her mom was gone. She was asking Janis if Emily would be home in 9 days. Janis was gently trying to explain to them how serious the situation was and explaining it could be more than 9 days. But Janis told Hannah that God had already done so many miracles and that lots of people were praying for her mother. Hannah said, "Oh! I know! My teacher told me that if I just touch this button on the computer that I can see all these people praying for my mommy. " And then she went on to tell Janis that she saw pictures of them and everything. Hannah's teacher, Kendra Beene, must be quite a teacher! How awesome that she would give Hannah the freedom to see this website at school to encourage our precious girl. So please pray for the kids. They don't understand all that is going on and the timeline it may take for mommy to come home.
Please pray for Emily's lungs, kidneys & liver to function properly.
Pray for the jaundice to go away.
Pray for the swelling to go down.
Pray for encouragement for the family.
Luke wanted me to tell anyone coming to the hospital to see them that if they're not in the waiting room to call 214-820-7067. They're staying in the room in the towers and they don't want to miss your visit if you come by.
Again, we're so humbled by all you're doing for the Panters. Thank you to those who are giving towards all their expenses. We have no idea how large that need may become. And thank you for the meals, housecleaning---all that you are doing. But thank you the most for the prayers. We covet them!

Isaiah 66:13
"As a mother
comforts her child, so will I comfort you..."


Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Praying for those kiddos tonight as I go to bed. Those babies need their momma!! I am lifting up Janis as she is taking care of them--and not being able to be with Emily as much as a Mom would want to. Thanking Jesus for this weekend for Janis to get a break and some refreshment!

Joy Meyers said...

Hello, Hannah and Noah! This is Mrs. Joy. I was so excited to hear that your teacher is helping you keep in touch with your mother through this blog! Your friends here in Greenville have been talking with your Dad & grandmothers everyday to know how to pray for your Mom. We have been taking fresh groceries on Tuesday & Friday, so let me know if there is something special you & Noah would like to snack on-OK? My email is
I love you, Hannah and Noah!