Monday, November 3, 2008


I just talked to Luke and he said the main thing to pray about is Emily's kidneys!! The doctor hasn't been in, but he knows that there's been no output. So everything else is good...he's just concerned about her kidneys.
They have her on the lowest oxygen level possible and he thinks they'll have her off of the ventilator by Thursday, at the latest. It may depend on dialysis, but that's where they're headed with the ventilator.
Just keep praying!

Thank You for every good gift You've given us. Thank You for every miracle You've already performed for Emily. Please cause Emily's kidneys to start functioning. We don't understand what's going on---we know you can heal her kidneys with the touch of Your hand. But we trust Your heart, Father. We know Your plan for Emily is for good and not for evil to give her a future and a hope. We love You!! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Psalm 30:2 "O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me."


Cheryl Dietz said...

It is a small world! I was on Facebook today and someone I know from Amarillo years ago is now living in Greenville and attends the church that Emily and Luke's girls' teachers go to. She was telling me that she is praying too. Small world!

Heidi Evans said...

We are praying for Emily every day.

Tony and Heidi Evans
We went to school with Emily in Chile at SCA! If you guys need anything we are here in Dallas living.

Kim said...


I missed seeing you today! I heard you had a better day today! Would you please just hurry up and PEE ALREADY!;)(you know I have to tease you a little!) Jeff and I plan to come and see you tomorrow night. There are some people from church who are going to come over and keep the boys for us. It is so hard to be away from you when every minute brings something new. I just can't wait to see you awake. Lord Jesus, please please heal Emily's kidneys!!!!! I know your plan for her is perfect and I just ask that that would include pefect kidneys, Lord Jesus. Thank you for everything you've done so far. We love you, Jesus. You are so good. Be near to Emily tonight. Calm her and bring her peace, Lord. Entertain her in her dreams and allow her to see and know fully the extent of your love for her. AMEN!!