Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Day

Luke called and you could hear the bubble of happiness in his voice. Emily is having a good day. He said the lung doctor came in and wants to leave the cap on her trach for 24 hours---IF Emily can tolerate it. So please pray for Emily to tolerate it. When she can leave the cap on for 24 hours, she can come off of the vent. And she can be moved to a regular room.
So far, she's doing great. But Luke said she's been coughing. He doesn't know if it's a tickle in her throat or what. He went to get her some Hall's cough drops and that helped. And then the nurses gave her a breathing treatment and that helped. Right now, she's taking a nap and that has relaxed her to where she's not coughing. Luke's just afraid the doctor might decide he needs to put her back on the vent because of her cough. But Emily told him that she was doing it last night while she was on the vent. These coughing fits also leave her hot--which invokes more coughing. So please pray the cough goes away. The doctor has ordered a chest x-ray to see if there is fluid built up in her lungs or something.
They still don't have the results on the ultrasound on her abdomen from yesterday. But the nurse had seen it and said she didn't see anything but fluid built-up. So they may want to drain that again.
I asked Luke if the kids were going to get to come see Emily this week and he said he was definitely going to bring Sarah. He hopes to bring all of the kids at some point, but they're going to play it by ear. He said they had an exciting night last night, though. Because Emily had the cap on her trach, she was able to call all of the kids and talk to them--on speaker phone!! It was the first time they've gotten to hear their mom's voice in a month! He said it was a great time---emotional for Emily, of course---but a great time.
Luke will be spending some of his Thanksgiving with his mom & dad--but he doesn't want to leave Emily alone. Emily's dad, Mike, is on his way and will get to Dallas tonight. Mike & Janis will be staying with Jeff & Kim. So I'm sure the family will be trading places all day so that Emily has a good Thanksgiving, too.
Prayer Requests:
*Luke asked us to be praying about Emily's rehab. He's supposed to meet with a social worker today. A nurse has told him that they really want Emily to go to Baylor's rehab---but it's not paid by their coverage. His coverage wants him to take her to a nursing home for rehab. So this is a huge concern for Luke. Please pray that Luke & Emily have favor with this social worker.
*Pray that God opens doors that no man can close.
*Pray for every penny to be paid by the time this is all over!
*Pray that God provides the best for Emily.
*Pray for the cough to go away.
*Pray Emily tolerates the cap for the next 24 hours.
*Pray that the Panter/Dietz family have a great Thanksgiving---there's so much to be thankful for!
*Pray that God brings order into Emily's body.

Psalm 95:2
"Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song."

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